Partnerships with United Way of Metropolitan Nashville (UWMN) make a difference.

  • UWMN invests in 144 programs which are supported by 63 partner agencies

UWMN is proud to work closely with many organizations in a collaborative effort to advance the common good. Through participation in groups like Alignment Nashville, Nashville Alliance for Financial Independence, the Mayor’s Poverty Reduction Committee, the Ryan White Community AIDS partnership, the Area Council on Aging and the Family Resource Centers, United Way of Metropolitan Nashville furthers its mission of bringing people and organizations together to create a community where individuals, families and neighborhoods thrive.

In addition to our many collaborations and partnerships, UWMN funds programs at 64 local partner agencies. United Way doesn’t fund agencies per se, but rather supports a network of programs and initiatives, which all play a part in helping individuals, families and neighborhoods thrive. Included are non-profit agency programs, school-based programs, neighborhood associations, community partnerships and faith-based programs.

Interested in receiving designations from United Way of Metropolitan Nashville?

An Agency must meet the three initial requirements in order to apply for a designation code with United Way of Metropolitan Nashville:
1.) Must be certified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3).
2.) Must serve the local and surrounding Nashville community.
3.) Majority of services must be in the health & human service arena.

• Agencies will only be placed through the eligibility process if interest is expressed by the agency itself.
• An Agency must then submit all required paper work found on the Non-Partner Agency Eligibility Checklist.
• Agencies are reviewed for approval quarterly by our Volunteer Committee.
• Upon approval, agencies are required to honor the black-out period which means that no promotional activities for designations specific to their agency are allowed from July 1 through October 31.
• Payroll deduction gifts are paid out to agencies in our regular pay cycle that begins in April of each year.
• Payments are made by electronic fund transfer and are made on a quarterly basis usually around the 15th of the month following the close of the quarter: April, July, October and January.
• Payments to agencies will be deferred until a minimum threshold of $100.00 is met, or until the final month of the campaign cycle in which the threshold will be lowered to $5.00.
• An agency must agree to share the costs incurred by the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville in raising and distributing funds, and understands that a 13% fee will be deducted from any amounts designated to the agency.
• The Agency Designation Code listing will be updated annually with a cut-off date of March 31 to coincide with our 1st payout cycle. Agencies approved after this date will still be eligible to receive designations during the year but will not be added to the list until the following year.
• If a donor wishes to designate their gift to a specific program within an Agency, it is the donors’ responsibility to contact the agency regarding their gift.

Health & Human Service Description
The responsibility of a health and human service agency is to protect and promote the health, social and economic well-being of all Americans and in particular those least able to help themselves: children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and the disadvantaged. An agency’s mission must be to help the people of our community and their families develop and maintain healthy, productive, and independent lives.

Required Forms:


Please fax these 3 completed forms along with the additional documentation requested to 615.780.3479.