The Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Jr. Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award

The Dr. Thomas F. Frist Jr. Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award was established in 1996 to honor the extraordinary achievements and volunteer excellence exemplified by Dr. Frist in his service to our community through United Way. Dr. Frist has been a visionary leader for United Way, serving in various volunteer capacities for many years, including campaign chair, board chair, founding chair of SUCCESS BY 6, and founder of the local Alexis de Tocqueville Society (Tocqueville Society, Alpha Chapter). Dr. Frist’s volunteerism also extends to a national level. He was founding national chair of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society and served as chair of the board of governors for United Way of America. Submit your nomination below.

Prior Honorees

  • E. Anthony Heard, InfoWorks, 2008
  • Ben R. Rechter, Rogers Group Investments, Inc., 2007
  • Martha R. Ingram, Ingram Industries Inc., 2006
  • Orrin H. Ingram II, Ingram Industries Inc., 2005
  • Linda Rebrovick, BearingPoint, 2004
  • William S. Cochran, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., 2003
  • Charles W. Cook, Jr., Union Planters Bank, 2002
  • Joe Thompson, Jr., Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., 2001
  • Anne L. Russell, Adams & Reese LLP, 2000
  • Judge William C. Koch, Jr., Tennessee Court of Appeals, 1999
  • Robert E. (Bob) McNeilly, Jr., First American Bank, 1998
  • Raymond Zimmerman, Service Merchandise, 1997
  • DeWitt Ezell, BellSouth Tennessee, 1996

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