Why We Fight

To meet our neighbors’ basic needs

Food, housing, assistance in an emergency. Every person in our community has the right to have these most basic needs met.

Families struggling to make ends meet are often one flat tire or unexpected medical bill away from not being able to pay their rent that month. Together, we are ensuring all of our families have a stable place to call home, food to eat and the support they need in times of crisis; and providing coordinated, wrap-around services to stabilize our families and avoid future crisis.

How We Win

Moving families out of homelessness

Every person in our community deserves a stable place to call home. We work to move individuals and families experiencing homelessness into stable housing as quickly as possible, and to prevent those living on the edge from losing their homes. Security deposits and first month’s rent are often a barrier to securing stable housing. We partner with organizations across the community to help families experiencing homelessness—and those at-risk for homelessness—by connecting them with a family coach to assess the needs of the whole family and help them secure housing, find stability and plan for the future.

Making sure no one goes hungry

No one living in a thriving community should have to worry about where they’ll find their next meal. Through partnerships with local food banks, hot meal providers and meal delivery services, we’re giving individuals and families in need access to high-quality, nutritious meals and bridging the gaps so that families are fed. In coordination with our community partners, we also provide access to food pantries and work to ensure kids are fed when school is not in session.

Providing assistance in times of crisis

It can happen to anyone. Job loss, unexpected bills and unforeseen circumstances can all lead to missed rent payments or overdue utilities. We provide a safety net for our community members in times of crisis to avoid foreclosure, utility cut-offs or repossession. By providing a singular database for our nonprofit network, we’re able to pool funds from various sources to provide emergency financial assistance to make rent or mortgage payments, pay outstanding utility bills, satisfy medical debts and provide relief from natural disasters like flood or fire. 

2018 Results

In 2018...

  • 543 families avoided eviction or foreclosure. 
  • 28,708 shelter bed nights were provided for people without a place to sleep.
  • 9,024 individuals had their immediate financial needs met during a time of crisis.
  • 41,641 meals were served to people in need throughout the community.
  • 49,969 community service referrals were made through United Way's 2-1-1 Helpline.


Family Empowerment Program

The Family Empowerment Program for homelessness helps homeless students and their families (and those at-risk) find and secure stable housing. Learn more.