Community Impact Supporter Spotlight: Get to know Cat Financial’s Kayla Hester
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Supporter Spotlight: Get to know Cat Financial’s Kayla Hester

Why do you believe in United Way? 

I believe in United Way because they are passionate about making our local community a better place. They focus on various programs throughout the community to make a long-lasting impact.


What motivates you to be a part of the Young Leaders Society?

The opportunity to give back and stay informed on the challenges that we are facing in our community are two of my biggest motivations of being a part of YLS. I am thankful to work for a company that has provided me with a great amount of opportunity, and YLS is one way I can pay it forward and help provide opportunity for others.


In what ways do you see United Way impacting our community? 

One of the biggest ways that I see YLS making an impact in our community is by being proactive instead of reactive. You are knowledgeable about the challenges we are facing or have the potential to face in our community and are passionate about finding ways to fund and educate different initiatives to provide support in overcoming or preventing those challenges. 


Are there any United Way programs, initiatives or partner agencies that speak closely to you? 

Absolutely, I can honestly say I have never left a United Way event and not been able to relate in some way to the program, initiative or agency that it was supporting. This is one of my favorite things about United Way because it is nearly impossible to not find something that you support that you are passionate about. United Way’s main areas of focus are education, financial stability and health which are all crucial areas of focus to ensure a better Nashville for us and our future generations.


In what ways are you involved?

Attending events for educational purposes, volunteering to support different local programs, providing financial support and sharing my passion with others.


What do you believe is our biggest need in this community

The biggest need for any community is passionate people. If we don’t have people that are passionate about making change then it is impossible to overcome the challenges in our community. 


How would you encourage others to join our fight? 

By raising awareness. I believe that knowledge is one of the most powerful influences in empowering others to want change and to make a difference.

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