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This is why we fight: Isiah

Isiah James grew up in a rough neighborhood. He was surrounded by drugs and gang violence. To help make ends meet for himself and for his mother, Isiah turned to selling drugs at a young age. He eventually found himself in and out of jail. He was on the path to a life of crime and incarceration with no end in sight. But one harrowing night changed the course of his life forever.

In the wrong place at the wrong time, Isiah became involved in a drive-by shooting. He was later mistakenly arrested and charged with two felonies. After serving five years in prison, he was released under the condition that he attend 4:13 Strong, a six-month, supportive housing program that works to break the cycle of poverty, crime and dependence by providing young men with educational, vocational and life skills training.

“It was the best decision of my life. It felt so good to be a part of a program where people actually care about you. It has taught me to let go of my past and reach for my goals. 4:13 Strong did not just get me a job, they changed my life,” said Isiah.

Isiah completed the program and landed a full-time job with a local construction company. He is on a very different path than the one he saw as that young child in a bad neighborhood. Excelling in his career and personal life, he now uses his voice to bring awareness to the 4:13 Strong program.

Thanks to your support, United Way is giving young people like Isiah a chance at a very different future.

This is why we fight.

United we fight. United we win. LIVE UNITED.

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