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Faces of Success: Virginia Brick

Thursdays have always been the hardest. After finishing four classes for the day, Virginia rushed across town to drop off her oldest son with his father and hurried back across town to begin her waitressing shift. Every week she said a little prayer that her customers would reward good service with a generous tip. Every penny mattered. After long nights of working and studying, Virginia would slowly turn the doorknob to their bedroom every night when she got home just to kiss them goodnight.

While trying her best to support her two children alone while also a full-time student, Virginia found herself under an immense amount of stress, to the point where it began to affect her health.

One morning, Virginia woke up to find her gums bleeding and her tooth crumbling in her hand.

“At this point, I had been dealing with depression and was experiencing severe anxiety attacks. My crumbling teeth were very symbolic of what I was going through in my life. Then losing my teeth completely crumbled my confidence.”   

After graduation, a tough job market left Virginia still struggling to find work. Unable to afford health insurance on her own, Virginia had not been to a dentist in over a decade.

“With several teeth crumbling in my hand, I could not wait any longer to get help. I called Interfaith Dental Clinic and they brought me in for an emergency extraction.”

Through the generosity of volunteer dentists, hygienists, and paid staff, Interfaith Dental Clinic provides comprehensive and emergency dental services for uninsured low-income individuals in the Nashville community.

“The Interfaith team treated me with so much care and respect every time I walked through the doors. Each one of the dentists provided the highest level of professionalism and never treated me like I was less than.”

The cost of two partials at a dental office typically averages around $1,700. Through Interfaith, she received two partials to replace her now missing teeth for $325.

“When I look at old pictures from that stressful time, I notice how I never smiled. I was embarrassed to show my teeth. When I look in the mirror now, I see hope, confidence and empowerment. Not only did Interfaith give me my smile back, they gave me my life back.”  

Shortly after Virginia’s dental work was completed, she got a call for a job interview. The night before the interview, she wrote a note to herself saying, “You’ve got this. Smile that big smile.” To this day, she still has these words of motivation hanging in her house as a reminder of everything she has been through to get to this point.

“I smiled through the interview and I landed the job. I now have a full-time job with health insurance.”

As a funded agency partner of United Way, Interfaith Dental Clinic is able to provide comprehensive and emergency dental services for uninsured low-income individuals in our community. When you give to United Way, you are helping people like Virginia on a pathway to success.

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