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Title Financial Stability Pathway

Sherry Discovers Her Path to Success

Stay-at-home moms play a valuable role in our families and collective communities. They foster safe environments where a child can learn, grow and play, and they shape children’s understanding of relationships.

Sherry was a stay-at-home mom for many years, and her husband was a very good provider for their family. Sherry’s life, however, took a dramatic turn when her husband came home one evening and said, “I’m leaving you.”

Sherry says, “I never saw it coming.” With two pre-teens to care for, Sherry was flooded with indecision and new obligations. Divorce meant that her children would have to leave their childhood home. And how would she find the means to support her son and daughter once the alimony payments ended?

Sherry’s family did everything they could to support her during this transition. Fortunately, her sister-in-law was aware of Begin Anew and knew this organization provided programs for adults in search of job skills training and support. So, she called Begin Anew in search of help for Sherry.

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for women to face post-divorce challenges and establish financial stability. Divorced women experience significantly greater drops in household income, and stay-at-home moms— or moms who have only worked part-time or sporadically from year to year— often do not have resources such as investment income or retirement accounts to rely on as they prepare for life after divorce.

Sherry needed a plan for securing employment and establishing a financial routine. She enrolled in the Computer and Job Skills program at Begin Anew to acquire tools that would help her with employability.

When Sherry first walked in the door, the staff immediately noticed her lack of confidence. Sherry was more than capable of learning new computer software and lingo, but she also needed to realize and build upon her strengths.

As a Begin Anew student, Sherry explored how to take charge of her newfound responsibilities and how to foster self-determination. Sherry also learned how to craft a resume and establish a budget. The emotional and spiritual support of her mentors sparked her success in the program.

Angela Good serves as the Program Director at Begin Anew and has seen many adult students transform with love, support, and direction. “Sherry was the one who had to complete the work and succeed,” Angela says. Sherry learned that she could rely on herself, that she could fully take care of her kids. “I am so proud of the person that Sherry is today.”

Sherry landed a part-time job within weeks of graduating from Begin Anew. It felt good to overcome the pain of unforeseen circumstances, to take charge of her future, and to carve a new road for her family.

Sherry believes “it’s the God moments” that led her to this path of success. And it’s a path fashioned with self-confidence; a path that led to a new home and full employment. Sherry is happy and fully living her life, and she trusts that she can navigate any obstacles that come her way.

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