Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

In 2018, United Way began to work through a process to create a new three-year Strategic Plan.

In 2018, United Way began to work through a process to create a new three-year Strategic Plan. We started by assembling a team of some of the strongest leaders within our organization. Their first task was to undergo a comprehensive analysis of where we are today by surveying donors, volunteers, partners and community leaders.

We surveyed more than 35,000 local citizens and conducted interviews and focus groups with some of our most-long standing supporters to answer the questions “What are we doing well?,” “What can we do differently?” and “What do you see as the most important issues facing our organization and our community today?” We received feedback and ideas that resulted in more than 500 pages of research.

These findings became the foundation for a six-month process through which we developed new mission and vision statements, guiding principles, goals, objectives and strategies that will guide us for the next three to five years as an organization.

As we were working through the process to come up with the core goals and objectives for our work, we were presented with the question: Do we want to aim for the mountains or shoot for the moon? Just how far were we willing to go? Were we going to play it safe and set goals we knew we could easily accomplish? Or were we going to set ourselves on a path that would be a bit riskier with goals that we might not be able to meet in the end? Our team quickly and unanimously voted to shoot for the moon.

Because our families deserve our best effort and our neighbors who are struggling cannot wait for change to come over a decade. We decided that if the problems facing our community are not easy for those around us, then it shouldn’t be easy for us either.


Our Mission

We unite the community and mobilize resources so that every child, individual and family thrives.

Our Vision

We envision a community where every person has an equal chance at a bright future.

Core Goals

  • To create bold and measurable change in our community
  • To continue to aggressively increase our fundraising and resources
  • To expand our donor base and create more opportunities for our citizens to get involved and volunteer
  • To attract and retain dedicated, talented staff and volunteer leadership that reflect the diversity and inclusivity of our community

Core Pillars

  • To alleviate multi-generational poverty
  • To double the number of children reading on grade level
  • To help meet our neighbors’ most basic needs
  • To build strong, healthy communities

How We’ll Get There

  • Working collectively with our partners to provide pathways to education and training for youth and adults to help them get better, higher paying jobs
  • Making sure our kids have an equal chance through access to books, kindergarten readiness, academic achievement and less chronic absenteeism.
  • Providing financial resources and coordination of services to support emergency food, shelter and financial assistance
  • And by ensuring all of our neighbors have access to quality health care services, stable housing and opportunities to build social capital.


We believe that when we unite caring, thoughtful people from all corners of our community, together we can create change.