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VITA Volunteer Roles & Training Dates

Thank you for your interest in becoming a VITA Volunteer! Together, we can make a better Middle Tennesee.


Below you will find additional information regarding the different VITA volunteer roles available, as well as dates and times for orientations and trainings.

Volunteer Roles

There are currently four different volunteer roles available, each requiring different IRS certifications.

Greeter/Intake Specialist:

  • Greeters and Intake Specialists welcome taxpayers to the site, provide them with required forms, ensure they’ve brought all required documents and maintain the waiting list.
  • Must pass two IRS certification tests: Standards of Conduct and Intake/Interview and Quality Review.

Tax Preparer (Most Needed):

  • Tax Preparers conduct thorough taxpayer interviews, ensure that intake forms are complete, enter taxpayer information into tax prep software, and review returns.
  • Must pass three IRS certification tests: Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview and Quality Review, and Basic or Advanced Certification.

Quality Reviewer:

  • Quality Reviewers are more experienced tax preparers who check returns prepared by other tax preparers to ensure all information was entered correctly and that the taxpayer understands their return.
  • Must pass four IRS certification tests: Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview and Quality Review, Advanced Certification, and Health Savings Account.

Site Coordinator:

  • Site Coordinators are at VITA sites from open to close. They maintain adequate volunteer staffing and taxpayer satisfaction. They ensure that all IRS requirements are met:
    • Site setup forms are submitted on time
    • Volunteers are certified at or above the level required for their position
    • Taxpayer notices are posted prominently
    • Returns are submitted in a timely manner and rejected returns are worked within 24 hours
    • Taxpayer information is safeguarded until it’s shredded
    • Volunteer lists are submitted monthly to the IRS during tax season
  • Site Coordinators should have one (1) year of VITA tax preparation experience and complete mandatory Site Coordinator training.
  • Must pass six IRS certification tests: Standards of Conduct, Intake/Interview and Quality Review, Advanced Certification, Health Savings Account, Military, and International.

Have more questions? Please contact VITA Manager, Tamara Kreigh.


Dates, Times and Locations of Trainings

Orientations, trainings and annual certifications are free for all VITA volunteers. Below you will find a complete list of dates and times. To sign up for orientations or trainings, please click the date you'd like to attend and complete the sign-up form.

Orientation provides an opportunity for potential volunteers to learn how VITA volunteering works, the commitment required, and how to pass the certification tests. Tax law training is a seven-hour course that teaches potential VITA volunteers the basics of tax law, how to use IRS-provided materials to ensure high-quality returns, and how taxpayer information is entered into TaxSlayer software. Midseason training helps those who missed earlier tax law training sessions and covers the same information contained in the seven-hour tax law training.

Orientations and Tax Law Training take place at United Way of Metropolitan Nashville's office located 250 Venture Circle, Nashville, TN 37228.

Greeter/Intake Specialist Training and the Open Lab will take place at the Financial Independence Center located at 302 Foster Street, Nashville, TN 37207.

Please note: Orientations on December 6 and December 14, as well as Tax Law Training on December 15, will take place at the Clarksville-Montgomery County Library located at 350 Pageant Lane, Suite 501, Clarksville, TN 37040. 

Orientation Dates and Times:

Tax Law Training Dates and Times:

Greeter/Intake Specialist Training Dates and Times:

Midseason Training Dates and Times:

Open Lab Dates and Times:


Our primary means of communicating with our volunteers is through our VITA volunteer email list. We'll share which sites need volunteers, site coordinator contact information, the latest updates on tax law, and information about community programs that can help taxpayers. Sign up here to register to become a VITA volunteer and to get more information. 


Have more questions? Please contact VITA Manager, Tamara Kreigh.